Nordman Fir


Nordman trees are favored for its attractive branches and symmetry.  It is also the least fragrant of trees, which makes it the perfect tree for those with allergies


The Nordman fir is Europe’s Christmas tree of choice because of its deep rich color, dense foliage, rounded needles, and light fragrance. Recently introduced to the U.S. market, it has grown steadily in popularity.

Nordman fir is a very full tree in terms of both branches and foliage. The needles display a dark, green, glossy upper-surface with a contrasting silvery white under-surface. The needles are flat with rounded tips, and grow in symmetrical rows circling around the branch. The Nordman fir has excellent needle retention that makes it a great choice for any climate. Its light scent makes it a desirable species for consumers with allergies.

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